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 the unstoppable health and fitness formula for you and your body


My primary aim is to provide and enjoyable and educational activity to help you get the body and the health you have always wanted.


This is not another generic or military style (shouting and barking orders) boot camp. This is about getting people out of the gym and into a class environment (indoors and outdoors) to exercise, lose weight, learn, have fun and meet like minded people. 


The Total Health Boot Camp classes have been specifically designed to turn your body into a fat burning furnace for fantastic all over results. Whether you want to lose inches, tone up, improve your fitness and health or just take on fresh challenges this really is the boot camp for you. 


No joining fee

No subscription fee

Just plain and simple, amazing workouts that will make YOU the best YOU. 


for details and class times for INSANITY please click on the INSANITY link above


for full class timetable at Total Health Studio at The Bay View Court Hotel (BH1 3AP) click on the INSANITY link above (including yoga, African Dance, Jekajo, INSANITY and Boot Camp)

The Total Health Bootcamp is designed to get you in great shape and burn body fat, whilst developing your muscular strength, endurance, stamina, flexibility, balance and core function.

• To improve your knowledge about exercise and how to best train your body for great results.
• To learn how to exercise efficiently to make the most of your valuable time.
• To improve your knowledge of nutrition for smarter food choices to a healthier you.

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The Ultimate Weight Loss and Lifestyle Package is Here


to help you look better, control sugar cravings and feel more energetic in the next 8 weeks


after 7 incredibly successful weeks running the residential boot camp www.bodyfitcamp.co.uk (now in its second year) Adrian shares the exact same steps to help take control of your health, your life and your future. 


these exact steps have lead to many fantastic results including 15 pounds weight loss record for a male and 14 pounds weight loss record for a female in just 5 days. 


and all this by following some very simple steps:


  • no calorie counting
  • no skipping meals
  • no cutting out food groups
  • no extreme exercise program


just good honest, healthy recipes and a tried and tested exercise system that is designed to move your entire body, for the best you ever. 


This package includes 2 months of unlimited Total Health Boot Camp classes value £136


plus 2 Low GI Nutrimeal shake packs and 1 Box of Low GI snack bars per month value £54.40 


this complete program is just £69.40* per month saving you a massive £106 

Measurements and weight recored at the start of the program, at the half way point and at the end of the 8 weeks. You also get the same recipes used for bodyfitcamp that delivered the staggering results, plus you get exclusive online access to videos that explain the entire system and extra special bonuses. 


sign up today and find out how you can get a further 1 months free training


*plus £7.48 p+p

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